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Welcome to Moonshire!

Moonshire is TS3 (The Sims 3) based virtual stable created 24.9.2017, currently we don't have any activities or anything going on, we're kinda like new kids in this kind of stuff. I still hope you will enjoy your stay on our page and feel free to leave comments of any kind to our guestbook! 


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Update box

11.1.2019 - I'm alive, hello.
19.1.2018 - Shetland pony and Marwari added to downloads, enjoy!
16.1.2018 - Added my first horse to download page, go there to check it out! 
30.9.2017 - Page created , so currently it seems little empty... I'm not rly sure what I should add here sooo... if you have any ideas maybe give me some ideas and leave them into guestbook! I hope coding doesn't look too weird... it was my first time and yea. I will give some links soon about pages I use/will use to this page. I actually didn't plan to make this first update "telling thing" (what do I even call this I don't know) this long..


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